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We are committed to offering the highest excellence in mental health.

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We offer you specialized and personalized attention, focused on a holistic vision of people’s health and the environmental factors that may affect you.

Our experience in diagnosis and in the different therapeutic tools allow us to tailor the most appropriate strategy to each patient. Our best guarantee is to have helped thousands of people suffering from similar situations and diseases and to have their gratitude.
At Institut Sarró we achieve the most accurate mental health diagnoses and provide the most effective therapeutic approach.

Our mission is to provide the best support and treatment to our patients, looking after their wellbeing and seeking excellence. We offer a close and individualized treatment and the highest quality assistance.


We offer you support through tough times. We take care of your psychological health and emotional well-being.


If you think you need to see a mental health professional, contact us so we can help you find the best treatment option.


Our psychiatry, psychology, and neurology teams stand out for their high specialization, their wide clinical experience, and their great commitment to never stop learning.


Our treatments and specialties

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We are experts in:


Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Bipolar disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Psychosomatic disorders

Stress and post-traumatic disorder


Conflicts and communication problems in the couple and the family

Well-being of women

Emotional discomfort and difficulties in coping with life problems

Second opinions



A multidisciplinary team
of professionals dedicated to your mental health.

Institut Sarró’s therapies are always based on scientific evidence, while considering each patient’s individual needs. We guarantee professional and responsible care.

Our specialists always use dialogue, active listening, and empathy to ensure tailored treatment.

What do our patients say?
Reasons to trust Institut Sarró

See real testimonials from our patients to learn first-hand how we can help you.

Lara has been able to treat my anxiety from the very first moment, with great dedication and gentleness. She found the optimal treatment. Now I feel like a new person and in turn I have learned to know my body and mind better. I am incredibly grateful!

Woman, patient of Dr Martin

We went to see Connie because we were going through a rough time as a couple. From the very beginning we found a very pleasant atmosphere, where we could talk about our problems in a calm way, and that was the first step to solve them. Thanks to Connie we understood our problems’ causes, and she guided us to identify those attitudes and moments that triggered the arguments, so we could solve them more easily.

Couple, patients of Dr Capdevila

Dr Sarró knew how to listen to me and accompany me From the very beginning he made me feel calm and confident. I felt I had found the person and the place. I have suffered so many years from anxiety and depression that finding myself well and mentally stable is helping me to see the same reality with different eyes. Thank you, Doctor!

Woman, patient of Dr Sarró

Dr Tolosa is an excellent professional who I felt I could trust since the first visit. He is always thoughtful and takes all the time he needs to answer my questions with empathy.

Woman, patient of Dr Tolosa

Dr Sarró found the right treatment from the very beginning. He is a great professional with tons of experience. He is very attentive and provides excellent treatment. I would highly recommend him. After having met different doctors, he was the only one to immediately identify the problem.

Woman, patient of Dr Sarró

We make continuous quality efforts, such as collecting patient satisfaction responses and monitoring treatment outcomes, which ensures continuous improvement of patient care.

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